Central India’s first Natural birthing centre
Initiation of Choithram College of Nursing 

We named it SWA-Choithram’s Natural birthing Centre

 Swa- Stands for “Swayam” (self), we believe in power of birthing woman and respect her.
“Birth is not something we suffer; but, something we actively do and exalt in”.

Philosophy of Natural Birthing Centre:

The birthing woman needs and deserves to be cared for, but in essence only she has the power to birth her baby. Women have the right to be treated with dignity, make choices for  spontaneous and have a safe and supported birth. No matter where or how a woman births, or if medical help is required, the care she receives should remain woman-centered and respectful.

VISION: We envision “Healthy Babies” born to “Healthy Mothers” through natural process of birthing.
MISSION: To provide Safe, Sensitive & Skilled care to mothers and to enhance the health and well-being of the new born.

  • Our natural birthing centre is an initiation of Choithram College of Nursing, department of midwifery. The faculty members of this department are active members of SOMI (Society of Midwives India) and work under the aegis of SOMI and run SOMI’s Indore chapter.
  • Being active participant of SOMI we get exposed to large group of midwives who are helping mothers in their birthing process in different settings & with continuous interaction with them in conferences and workshops we understood the importance of midwifery model of care.
  • We are currently running two healthy mother healthy baby counselling centre one was inaugurated in the year 2012 and other started in the year 2014, we got appreciation for the work we did for women across the community and with the appreciation & support we started our own Choithram’s Natural birthing Centre, SWA, inaugurated on 14th September 2016.
  • We are also providing field experience in midwifery to post graduate nursing students from different states i.e Punjab, Gujrat ,Delhi, Maharashtra etc.

Contact : Dr. Usha Ukande